Wedding and event catering

We can provide a Middle Eastern feast for your wedding, party or corporate event. We can serve your food several different ways: 'festival style' from our decorated gazebo; laid out as a spectacular-looking buffet for guests to help themselves to; or a full waitered service, with the food brought to the tables. Middle Eastern food is normally served as a 'meze', similar to tapas, where a lot of small dishes are provided for the guest to choose from. You can, of course, have starters and a sweet course on top of this, so we offer these too.


We can also arrange hire of all the tableware you may need: table linen, crockery and cutlery and glassware, plus tables and chairs

Please see below for the range of dishes we typically offer. Prices depend on a range of factors including guest numbers, location and whether or not equipment hire is required, so please give us a ring or email to discusss your exact requirements. For a typical meze, we'd suggest choosing one or two warm dishes, a rice dish, two or three cold dishes and a couple of dips. Below the menu are three sample quotes to give you an idea of pricing


Crispy fried halloumi topped with chimmichuri (spicy coriander salsa)  V, GF

Falafel balls topped with tahini sauce and pomegranate seeds Vg, GF

Aubergine or Beetroot pakoras topped with chimmichuri (spicy coriander salsa) Vg, GF

Merghez sausage (spicy lamb sausage) on Mamoosh pita with sweet red onion pickle

Boreka (mini pie) filled with lamb, beef and pine nuts

Boreka filled with spinach, feta & parsley  V

Boreka filled with spicy potato and peas Vg


Borekas (see above): two pieces with hummus, pickles and zhoug (coriander & chilli dip)

Falafel: 3 pieces with lemon tahini, pickles and carrot & beetroot salad  Vg, GF

Pakoras: crispy deep fried vegetables in chickpea batter with tamarind sauce  Vg, GF

Cigara Borek: Rolled filo filled with feta & herbs with Turkish salsa & tahini dip  V

Grilled kofta (spicy meatballs) with buerre noisette, Turkish salsa & warm pita

Grilled chicken skewers with harissa, buerre noisette & warm pita

Cold meze dishes

Mejadra (Basmati rice, brown lentils, spices, crispy fried onions)  V

Pilav rice (Basmati rice, turmeric, chick peas, sultanas, fresh herbs)  Vg

Fattoush: Finely sliced salad vegetables with parsley, mint & lemon/olive oil dressing V, GF

     (can be served with crispy pita croutons, too)

Roast aubergines and red peppers with pomegranate molasses dressing & coriander Vg, GF

Roast butternut squash with baby spinach, flaked almonds and a preserved lemon dressing  Vg, GF

Roast cauliflower with chickpeas, pickled red onion & olives and a lemon tahini dressing  Vg, GF

Cherry tomatoes roasted with garlic, thyme and lemon zest with Greek yoghurt  V, GF

Roast Turkish peppers with Greek yoghurt, dill and buerre noisette   V, GF

Baby broad beans, green beans, baby spinach with nigella & sesame seeds and a cider vinegar & 

     date molasses dressing  Vg, GF

hot meze dishes

Mejadra (Basmati rice, brown lentils, spices, crispy fried onions)  V

Pilav rice (Basmati rice, turmeric, chick peas, sultanas, fresh herbs)  Vg

Lamb Shawarma: leg of lamb marinaded in a spice rub, slow-cooked and pulled from the bone  GF

Za'atar chicken: chiken thighs roasted with za'atar & garlic, served in a pomegranate sauce  GF

Beef tagine with red pepper, squash, fresh herbs & flaked almonds  GF

Chicken tagine with preserved lemon, chickpeas, potato and flaked almonds  GF

Kofta (spicy meatballs) in a rich, spicy tomato ragu (for 30 or under guests only)  GF

Alburnia: roast aubergine & red pepper with borlotti beans in a rich tomato ragu Vg, GF

Vegetable tagine with preserved lemon & flaked almonds  Vg, GF  

dips & extras

Hummus topped with olive oil and dukkah (spice & seed mix)  Vg, GF

Tahini sauce with pomegranate molasses  Vg. GF

Harissa (Moroccan chilli sauce)  Vg, GF

Zhoug (Chilli & coriander dip)  Vg, GF

Turkish salsa: finely diced tomato, onion, red pepper with harissa & herbs  Vg, GF

Olives marinaded in olive oil, preserved lemon & spices  Vg, GF

Red onion pickle  Vg, GF

Mixed Lebanese vegetable pickle   Vg, GF

Mamoosh pita (artisan pita from a local producer: they're amazing!)  Vg


Home made orange-blossom baklava with seasonal sorbet OR icecream Vg/V, GF

Rose Malabi (like pannacotta) with toasted nuts and fruit compote  V, GF

We can also serve hot drinks: tea, herba teas, cafetierre coffee, Moroccan mint tea or Arabic cardamon coffee

sample prices

These prices are indicative only. Please contact us with your exact requirements to get a precise quote

Examples 1: Meze box served from our gazebo to 120 guests, each containing a warm meat or vegan dish, warm rice dish, two salads and two dips, in a disposable card box with wooden cutlery: £12.50/head

Example 2: Buffet of cold dishes only: one rice dish plus four meze dishes, one dip and pickles to 50 guests, with enough food for 'seconds'. Client provides all crockery and cutlery, which they clear up afterwards: £15/head

Example 3:  Three course dinner served in client's house for 20 guests, with hot beverages afterwards: £30/head

Example 4: Canapes (3 each) served to 100 wedding guests followed by meze feast served to their tables as sharing plates. We arrange hire of crockery and cutlery plus all serving bowls and the clearing up and cleaning of these: £35/head


Contact: Alex Marcovitch, kabak, 22 Bradford Road, Lewes, BN7 1RB


Tel: 07969 490228