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Kabak is a catering company based in Lewes, East Sussex, specialising in food from the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa: the incredibly rich and diverse cuisines of Turkey, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, Egypt and Morocco. Reflecting these cuisines, our food is a delight to the senses: colourful, deeply flavoured, fragrant and using the best quality ingredients we can source. 

You can find us at farmers and street food markets in Lewes and Brighton (click here for info). We are very experienced in providing catering for weddings, parties and corporate events, so please click here if you'd like to see further details. We also run unique supper clubs deep in an ancient, Sussex woodland, where you can enjoy a feast of dishes sat amongst the trees with a campfire crackling nearby. And, new for this year, the founder of the company and head chef Alex Marcovitch will be running outdoor Middle Eastern cookery courses in the same woods.

So what does 'Kabak' mean? This is a Turkish word describing the family of vegetables such as courgette, pumpkin and squash. It is also the name of a stunning, hidden valley ending in a beach tucked away in south-west Turkey. Founder Alex Marcovitch has been visiting this location for the last 25 years, and it was the food he ate in this region that inspired his cooking: piles of roasted seasonal vegetables drizzled in local olive oil; salads abundant with refreshing parsley and mint; spicy grilled peppers doused in village yoghurt, flavoured with garlic and dill. He has also travelled across the Middle East and North Africa, teaching himself how to cook the dishes he tried in those regions: creamy Lebanese hummus; spicy, zingy zhoug; comforting Egyptian Mejadra. We bring all these inspirations and recipes together to create feasts of vibrant, mainly plant-based food.

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