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cookery courses Ts & Cs



We do our utmost to maintain the highest possible hygiene standards, but cooking outdoors, by its very nature, cannot be quite as hygienic as cooking in an indoor kitchen. We will have hand-washing and sanitising facilities next to where you'll be cooking (and outside the toilets), disposable gloves available for handling raw meat or ingredients not to be cooked, and chiller boxes on site to store ingredients. However, before you begin your course in the woods, you'll be asked to sign a disclaimer, which you can read here:

- I acknowledge that there is an increased risk of food being prepared outdoors in a woodland to become contaminated by objects (eg. falling leaves, insects) or bacterially. I'll do my best to minimise this through regular hand-washing & sanitising throughout the day, by keeping prepared food covered where possible, and by keeping equipment clean where possible (eg. wiping down knives or probe thermometers with alcohol wipes). I'll take particular care when preparing & cooking food that will be eaten by others on the course.

- I acknowledge that there is a risk of cutting myself when using knives during the course. If I do, I will immediately tell the organisers so they can ensure the cut is properly cleaned and plastered, and that there is no contamination to food.

- I acknowledge that there is a risk of burning myself on the campfire, barbeque or gas hobs. I understand that there will be cold water and burn treatment preparations on site in case this happens.

- I understand that there are trip hazards in the woods, including tree stumps & deeply rutted pathways. I understand also that, in rare cases, rotton branches can fall from surrounding trees, which could cause injury.

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