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Woodland cookery courses


Spend a day in a beautiful Sussex woodland cooking up a feast of Middle Eastern-inspired dishes, which'll you enjoy round the fire at the end of the day (with a few goodies to take home). 

Your day will begin with a welcome hot drink and home-made cookies round the fire, meeting your fellow chefs.

In small groups, you'll be taught to prepare and a range of dishes throughout the day, ready to be cooked for our feast. You'll learn a variety of cooking techniques which are easily transaltable back in your home kitchen. As we approach dinner time, we'll light the coals, fire up the hobs and fill the woodland air with the wonderful smells of good cooking!

By the end of the day, your stomach groaning, you'll have some dishes to take home with you, plus of course recipes of everything we cooked for the feast.

Please note, the first course is suitable for meat-eaters and vegetarians, but not vegans. We will run the next course for vegetarians and vegans only. 

Below are the date(s) of the forthcoming courses, which you can click to book, but please read the very important (but brief!) terms and conditions first!

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